And the Winner is…


We just finished our election unit and the students had a blast choosing the winner of the election! In the previous post, we talked about how the students narrowed down the four characters from books we read to them to two nominees: Otto and Grace.

Next up, it was time to prepare for the debate. The students pretended that they were the nominee for their party and filled out a paper where they persuaded others why they should be the next president. Students then had the opportunity to debate with a student from a different party. 

A few brave students even volunteered to take questions from the audience and tried to answer from Grace or Otto’s perspective.

The students “campaigned” for their candidates by creating posters and finally, it was time to vote! They filled in their ballots, the votes were counted, and the winner was…

Image result for grace from grace for president

We loved how engaged and excited our students were during this election unit. We hope that you give it a try and let us know how it went in your classroom. Thanks for stopping by!

The Election Process- A Literature Based Unit

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