Hey Teacher Friends,

Do you feel burned out?

Have bored and unengaged students?

Don’t have time for planning?

Want to do more engaging lessons, but don’t know where to start?

You’re in the right place!

Hi, we’re Nichole and Joy, and we’re on a mission to help you—the busy, overworked teacher—find quality educational resources that are low-prep and engaging for both you and your students.

Our Background

We’re two educators from Ohio that taught 3rd grade for over 15 years. We knew we wanted our classroom to be a place where students enjoyed coming to each day. However, after years of teaching, we got bogged down with the strong emphasis on our students’ performance on statewide testing. So we renewed our efforts to create resources that taught the required concepts, but in a way that was more engaging for our students. We knew other teachers were experiencing the same struggle, so we launched our store on Teachers Pay Teachers to provide relevant, fun, and engaging resources.

A few more things about us: 

  • We are both moms to amazing and very spirited children😊
  • We both love coffee (especially Starbucks) 
  • We both love to travel 
  • We both LOVE the show Big Brother

Our Mission

Let’s be honest, our joy as educators really comes from the enjoyment and engagement of our students. Hearing your students moan and groan when you start a lesson, or seeing their bored gazes as you are trying to teach, can be very draining. Our goal is to provide resources for you that will help you see excitement, as well as fuel engagement, teamwork, perseverance, and most of all a desire to learn.

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