Classroom Transformation Series: Camping Classroom Transformation with 6 Easy Steps

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Welcome to our 4 part Classroom Transformation Series! In this post you will find out how to create a camping classroom transformation in just a few easy steps! We know that teachers have so much to do every day. Sometimes the idea of transforming your classroom can seem so time consuming and difficult, but our goal is to show you that it doesn’t have to be.

Why Do Classroom Transformations?

  • Students learn more when they are engaged.
  • It’s fun to transform the look of your learning environment.
  • Bring excitement into otherwise un-engaging topics.
  • Create memorable classroom experiences for students.
  • Transformations can be recreated year after year.

We want to give you new ideas for how to create these experiences in your classroom WITHOUT the stress! Your students’ excitement will definitely be the reward.

For our first week we are exploring the camping theme! This is such a fun and easy transformation to do and kids love it! Read on to find out 6 ways to transform your class into a camping experience and grab a FREEBIE.

Create a Campground Atmosphere

There are so many ways to create a cozy campground for your camping classroom transformation. Turn a gathering place, such as the carpet, into a “campfire” using construction paper for the logs and fire. You can use lanterns and plastic tea lights to create dim lighting or even string up lights.

Have students bring in blankets, sleeping bags, or folding chairs. Try creating individual tents like these adorable ones from Lucky Little Learners pictured below. Just take a binder and tape it to the desk with the rings up, then drape a tablecloth over it. You can allow students to decorate with signs or make your own and you’re done!

Make a Yummy Snack

Even though you’re not able to make the traditional s’mores in the classroom like you would over a campfire, you can still create an easy version that’s less messy. Just mix marshmallows, Teddy Grahams, chocolate chips, and a little marshmallow cream. Check out the recipe from here.

Use Camping-Themed Resources

Students will have such a heightened excitement because of the fun changes to their classroom, they will be willing to learn pretty much anything. Take advantage of the engagement by using camp-themed resources to teach concepts throughout the day.

We thought that mapping went really well with the camping theme and that’s why we created the resource shown below to teach map skills. Students love designing their own campground along with the other activities. Check it out here.

Read by the “Campfire”

Allow students to find comfy spots, turn off the lights, and use flashlights to read. Pull up a campfire video on a computer or smartboard like this one for the sound of a fire burning. Our students loved having the opportunity to use flashlights and you could hear a pin drop. Once they started reading, they didn’t want to stop!

If you are looking for a good picture book to read with your students, check out the one below. You can find the read-aloud on Youtube here.

Do a STEM activity

If you are looking for a creative way to get students working together, try a STEM activity. For this activity, students build a shelter using classroom materials to try and keep the “campers” (cotton balls) from getting wet. Grab it here for FREE! If you’re looking for more STEM activities to do with your students, check out our Camping STEM activities below.

Sing Camp Songs

Get students up and moving by singing some fun camp songs like the ones found here. The call and response of many of these silly songs makes it easy for students to join in.

The neat thing about classroom transformations is that you can go all out, but it’s not necessary. Your students can still have an amazing experience with even a few small changes. Hopefully, we’ve made you feel more comfortable about trying out some of these ideas with your class. Happy Camping!

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